ROD 071310


Tuesday, 13Jul10

4 round circuit: 30 work /15 rest w/ 1 min rest between rounds

  • BB Clean/squat
  • Push ups
  • KB Windmill
  • Power rope
  • KB Swings
  • BB Push press
  • Tire slams
  • Sled Drags (between cones)


Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. – John Wooden


       You know, my lovely wife, Debbie, made a great observation the other day. It was another one of those don’t-attack-the-working-class-by-taxing-out-sugary-beverages commercials. Says Debbie “What? So it was ok when tobacco was the big baddie, but it’s not so funny when it’s your Coca Cola?” And she’s totally right. Much like tobacco in the very earliest days of of the anti smoking campaigns, the culture around drinking sodas hasn’t shifted yet. In 5, maybe 10 years it will though. We know sodas are linked to obesity and all kinds of associated diseases. But like most truths, it’s still in the transition from an intellectual understanding to real acceptance. What would you do if Katie Couric or Brian Williams lit up a Camel on the nightly news? Edward R Murrow did it all the time. But it was accepted then. These days we see Coke, Pepsi & Snapple advertisements everywhere. With as much sugar as 6 fudgecicles, I wonder how long it’s going to take for people to fight for an R rating on all movies that show Snapple Iced Tea consumption like they’re doing with cigarettes now? How long until the average joe out there starts to understand that getting your kids started on soda at a young enough age that they’re effectively hooked for the rest of their lives isn’t all that much difference from a health point of view than giving them their first smoke? How long before we get over it, start taxing the foods and beverages that are killing us get them out of our kitchens?