ROD 081410


Saturday, 14Aug10

Death by KB Swing & DB Thruster Ladder, all swings will be done single arm.


Swing & Thrust: Heavy – Heavy – Heavy…

On the first minute, do 1 KB swing…2 DB Thrusters 
On the second minute, do 3 KB swings…4 DB thrusters….
On the 3rd minute, do 5 KB swing….6 DB Thrusters 
On the 4th minute, do 7KB swings…8 DB thrusters
Continue increasing the reps until you reach…the 10th minute for 19 KB swings…20 DB Thrusters 

On the way down you will flip and do on the 11th minute for 18KB swings…19Thrusters

On the 12th minute, do 16 KB swings…17 DB thrusters…
On the 13th minute, do 14 KB swings…15 DB Thrusters… 
On the 14th minute, do 12 KB swings…13 DB thrusters… 
On the 15th minute, do 11 KB swings…10 DB thrusters

Until you reach the 20th minute of the ROD which will end with 20 KB swings…10 DB Thrusters

Coach “D” will assist in keeping the pace.


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