ROD 011011


Monday, 10Jan11

                                                             NLP 30 Day Challenge

We dare you to try our 30 day Challenge. One of the biggest things that we stress here at Nxt level  is for our clients to be consistant. Doing the little things right on a consistant basis will help you get your goals that much faster. Now, for the next 30 days, Nxt Level wants to challenge it’s members to perform 10 exercises at 50 reps each. Now in the big picture thats 15,000 extra reps for those 30 days, That’s right 15,000. Wuuu man what a challenge. 15,000 extra reps on top of your workouts. But it’s these small changes on a daily basis, that’ll help you reach your goals that much faster. From pushups, squats, squat jumps, russian twists, hip extensions, v-ups, mtn climbers, alternating lunge jumps, plank twists and chair dips. So mark your calendar for the next 30 days, check off each day and feel free to mix up the order of the exercises. Feel it, do it, be it,  challenge yourself… Consistency Leads to Success.


Combat Monday

40:20 ratio of work/rest with a 30 sec rest between the 4 rounds

  • Hanging runners
  • Stab ball DB chest presses
  • Dumbell rows ( in a long legged lunge stance)
  • Dumbell thrusters
  • KB deadlifts
  • Overhead dumbell stationary alt. lunges


Athlete’s ROW

Warm up: Perform 2 rounds

  • Medball chops
  • MB Squat & push
  • Lying hip raises (supine- on elbows)
  • 15 Straight lying leg raises r/l
  •   Length of gym inch worm
  •   Frankenstein walks (opposite hand toe touch)// w/skip
  •   Forward/backward lunges w/overhead reach
  •   Lateral lunge w/skip 
  •   Gate swings / crossed
  •   Bounding
  •   Pop-up jumps
  •   Bosu sticks (ACL prevention & assessment exercise)

Athletes Routine

40:20 work/rest ratio for 4 rounds with 1 minute rest in between

  • Dumbell rows
  • Slam ball slams
  • Jumping lunges
  • Burpees
  • Sandbag lifts


Weekly Athlete Wrap-up

Another week of our  24 week program just eneded and it’s Game ON!  Our athletes are doing what no other athlete on Staten Island is doing or thinking of doing. 

We wrapped up the week with a 20 Minute  AMRAP consisting of the following;

  • 5 Clapping push-ups
  • 10 KB swings
  • 15  Quick hops

For all you wannabe athletes an AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible, that means it’s You vs You …. Completing each of the above exercises in a  row equals 1 round. 

See how many rounds our athletes completed