ROD 070111


Chris wrote: If there is sufficient interest I will do a class at 9am Saturday morning. But I need a definitive confirmation of who will be attending.  Please RSVP by going to CLASS SIGN UP (the same process as signig up for boxing).  If you sign up you BETTER show up.



Friday, 01Jul11


Conditioning Ladder

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 reps

  • Kettlebell swings
  • KB Rows (10 r/l, 9 r/l, 8 r/l…)  
  • Walkouts
  • Dbl KB deadlifts
  • Push-ups 

Get through as fast as possible!


Do this circuit style from 10 down to 1 rep. Everyone should prepare their own station.

Rest And Recovery From Workouts: Are
You REALLY Getting Optimal Results?

by Joshua Tapp

Rest and recovery from workouts is a VITAL piece of the muscle building and fat burning equation.

Many people ignore proper rest and recovery and wonder why they haven’t achieved any significant results in years of weight training and exercise.

Inside the gym is where you apply the proper stimulus you need to get results. You actually break muscle tissue down when you’re at the gym.

Your body repairs that same muscle tissue and builds it up during the rest periods between your workouts. You need to know what you should be doing to speed up that recovery process.

The better job you do at rest and recovery from workouts… the better results you achieve.

It’s Tough Finding Good Information On Proper
Rest And Recovery From Workouts… Until Now:

In this section of the website, we’re going to tell you everything you should be doing to recover properly from each workout.

You really won’t find information like this on any other website. You might find bits and pieces here and there BUT it’s difficult to put it all together.

We’re sharing all of our secrets to proper rest and recovery from workouts so you build muscle and burn fat faster than ever before.

The recovery techniques you’re going to learn here today are simple and easy to implement… You just have to put the effort forth.

For example, it’s pretty simple to drink more water throughout the day. Just get a good water bottle to carry around with you and drink water all day. Many people have trouble doing this simple task… just do it.

Put forth the effort and you will be rewarded. That’s a guarantee.

How Long Do You Really Need to Rest Between Weight Lifting Workouts… 7 Days? Nope. Here’s the Answer:

Has anyone ever told you that you should only work each muscle group once per week? I’m sure you’ve heard this before.

Well, that is total nonsense, BS, crud, or whatever else you want to call it. Here’s the TRUTH…

I’m going to give you a FACT right now that will save you thousands of wasted hours each and every year…

Your muscles DO NOT NEED a full week to recover from a weight lifting workout. Science has proven that the vast majority of the muscle building process is complete within 48 hours post workout.

So you have people out there wasting 120 hours each week waiting for a muscle to ‘fully recover’ … for what they call proper rest and recovery from workouts.

I’ve got news for you…

A muscle could take weeks to ‘fully recover’ from any given workout. The muscle building process is mostly complete within 48 hours, so WHY WAIT another 120 hours to work the muscle again?

If you do, you are wasting time. Plain and simple.

Why not choose a workout plan that works each muscle group more often so you get more muscle building opportunities.

Stop wasting time with all these other programs and choose a program designed to help you build muscle and burn fat faster than ever before.

Do You Know How To Enhance The Muscle Building Process Before Full Recovery Of A Muscle Group?

Did you know that working a muscle before it is fully recovered actually enhances the muscle building process?

I mean come on. The people out there that say a muscle needs to fully recover before working it again bases this on what? Do you really believe the human body can’t build muscle if that muscle isn’t fully recovered?

If you do, you’re wrong. The human body is AMAZING. If you work a muscle before it’s fully recovered, the human body will even reward you!

Now that doesn’t mean to trash a muscle group every day with endless drop sets, supersets, rest/pause sets, and more. The body takes time to adapt to that kind of torture. It eventually would, but you’d be hurting your progress beyond comprehension.

If a muscle is trying to recover, why would sending it extra nutrients hurt the recovery process? It won’t IF you do it the right way.

You’ve got to be smart about your weight training, and that’s why Weight Lifting Complete exists.

Here’s What You’ll Learn Within The WLC System
For Optimal Rest and Recovery From Workouts…
Build Muscle and Burn Fat FAST

The WLC System is a COMPLETE muscle building and fat burning system. We don’t just tell you what to do in the gym… We tell you EXACTLY what to do out of the gym too.

Here’s just a few of the rest and recovery techniques within the WLC System:

  • Drink plenty of water to keep you fully hydrated
  • Eat only the best sources of food
  • Perform cardio exercise to improve circulation
  • Adjust intensity of weight lifting accordingly
  • Pre, during, and post workout meal protocols
  • Supplementation to improve recovery
  • Increasing quality of sleep each night
  • How to easily reduce stress
  • Slowly increase level of conditioning
  • Improve digestion of foods
  • Secret stretching protocols
  • Huge increase in muscle building and fat burning nutrients

And that’s not all… the entire WLC System is designed to increase rest and recovery from workouts.

The WLC System enhances the muscle building and fat burning process within your body BECAUSE the system is designed to WORK WITH YOUR BODY.

Some of the Rest and Recovery Tricks
You’ll Find Within the WLC System…

We’re not afraid to give away some of the secrets within the WLC System Manual.

We want you to know that the WLC System is for REAL. You WILL — without any doubt — get the best results of your life.

Fast, hard-hitting, and permanent results… That is what the WLC System delivers for you.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the secrets for ‘OPTIMAL’ rest and recovery from workouts. You’re going to love these secrets:

  1. The EXACT amount of time your body needs to build muscle between workouts.
    Your body does not need a full 7 days to recover from a workout if you learn how to properly work each muscle group.You can enhance the muscle building process by working a muscle group once every 48 hours. BUT, you need the WLC System that teaches you how to find the optimal intensity for YOU.The WLC System is totally different than anything you’ve tried before, and it actually works unlike all the other programs you’ve ever tried.
  2. How to give yourself a full body massage with all the muscle building and fat burning benefits.
    Your body needs deep tissue massage because of the weight lifting workouts and fat burning cardio workouts you should be doing.Your muscles are encased with fascia and sometimes ‘fascia’ gets tight from working out. Your muscles need room to grow and massage loosens fascia and brings nutrients to the massaged area.A foam roller is exactly what you need to give yourself a full body massage for almost no cost at all.
  3. How to relax, release tension, decrease stress, and even improve circulation within your body.
    You MUST learn how to relax, sleep better, and decrease the amount of stress in your life.When you do learn how, your results will vastly improve. The WLC System teaches you how.One of the tricks we use within the WLC System is frequent hot baths or the use of a hot tub, spa, or jacuzzi. You learn how to relax and release tension so you create the BEST environment for building muscle and burning fat.