ROD 082711


Saturday, 27Aug11


The “Mad Hatter”

Another round for the NLP Spartan Race Preparedness Team.

Two rowers will be set, teams of 2 will be selected. Each team will row for 300 meters. A hat will be passed and each team will draw  an exercise, which will be performed by each team while the rowers complete their row. This will continue till someone drops from exhaustion. No, we’re kidding, we will continue this till everyone takes a turn on the rowers. Let’s kill this, We are Spartans!!!!


Below is information on how others are preparing for the Spartan Race,  NLP  is already ahead of the curve preparing you for the roughest, toughest race on Staten Island.

Prepare for a Spartan Race by building your Endurance

Darcy Fauteux, Calgary Extreme Training Examiner

To prepare for the toughest outdoor cross country obstacle course race available today you must properly condition your body to endure the rigors it will be exposed to. A Spartan race can be broken down into 10 or more mini-races if you consider each obstacle a separtate challenge of completing the entire race.

Some racers will be more adapt at rope climbing while others excell at bearcrawling through the mud, others yet fearlessly charge firepits and club-armed gladiators with zeal. Whatever the challenges in a Spartan Race are, a competitor must be ready for all of them and more.

“Walking” the course doesn’t cut it if you want to compete at the next level, best to be stepping smartly from obstacle to obstacle at a brisk run. Long-distance endurance is not necessary, unless you are tackling a two-day death race. You will, however, require a decent aerobic base so you aren’t gulping air after one obstacle. Jog a few miles everyday(start with shorter distances every other day and work your way up to a decent distance if you have to). Running is an excellent way to build your aerobic base, and you will have to run during the race if you want to win, so lace up those runners and get out there.

You also need good muscle-strength and endurance so your arms and back haven’t turned to jello at the bottom of the wrong side of a climbing wall.To build muscle endurance, work the major muscle groups with body weight exercises. Scores of pushups and situps will help immensely. Work your legs by doing lunges and pull ups should be near the top of your list for exercises to get better at while you are training for a Spartan Race. Work reps over weight, as endurance and overall lasting strength will get you through this race, while sheer power(say from doing 400 pound squats) will not.
High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a scientifically proven method that, through great stress to the aerobic and anaerobic systems of the body, improves both strength and endurance. One minute stationary bike sprint intervals with only 30 seconds rest inbetweeen for only 8 or 10 reps will help build up your strength and endurance base. Try these weekly and give it your all to experience results… ( At NLP “HIIT” is our training modality all the time.)
Carbo loading will help you have the fuel you need to complete the race. Remember to load up effectively, don’t start the night before or the day of the race. If you are preparing for a weekend of obstacle clearing, carbo load on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Eat a ton of veggies, pasta, breads, and other carbohydrate-laden foods that will build up your body’s stores for the race.
The days before, eat balanced meals, including plenty of vegetables and fruits and also lots of water. If it will be sunny, consider some type of hat to help sheild you from the sun and and definitely use sunscreen the day of. The sun will suck the energy right out of you and give you a sunburn in the process. Staying cool and protected from the sun will help you remain fresh and strong.
For updates and words of wisdom, join the Spartan Race Facebook page. The page is updated daily with helpful workouts of the day (WOD), inspirational words of advice and all the latest updates about the Spartan Race schedule in North America.