ROD 092311


Friday, 23Sept11


Spartan Pre-Race Warm up.

The day before a race you should totally rest. Fill up on good carbs, but if you can’t resist the unrest or your not rrunning the Spartan Race.  Here is a soulution.

As many rounds in 20 mins of…

  • 10 Reclines
  • 15 Pushups
  • 20 Air squats

Let’s do this fast and furious. Then rest all day.

Here at NLP we have been preparing members as well as non-members for the Spartan Race. We just want to take this time and thank all of you for participating in some of our most grueling workouts to date. An extra special thanks will go to those who started preparing with us who are now full fledged members. We will be there at the race, to watch all the NLP’ers place high in the ranks. Good Luck !!!