ROD 102911


Saturday, 29Oct11


The “Mad Hatter”


This workout was one of our Spartan Race Preparedness workouts.

Everyone is welcome non-members must pay $10 bucks.

The workout:
Two rowers will be set, teams of 2 will be selected. Each team will row for 300 meters. A hat containing notes with exercises will be passed and each team will draw a different exercise, which will be performed while the rowers complete their 300 meter row. This will continue till someone drops from exhaustion. No, we’re kidding, we will continue this till everyone takes a turn on the rowers. Let’s kill this

  This Halloween we encourage all of our members to wear their costumes for the ROD. The only stipulation to this request is, that the costume be safe to do the workout in. That means no masks which obstruct vision, no loose clothing and anything else that may obstruct movement or become unsafe during the workout. So bring out your zombie costume or terrorize us with your scariest monster outfit, or just be good old Spiderman. This is going to be a fun workout for all of us.


Olympic Lifting in Action!!!


Overhead Squat                                                         Front Squat


   Heavy Front Squat                                   Squat Clean


Triple Extension of the Body just before you pull yourself under the Bar


Deadlift- flat back angle, bar at shins, looking down, spine neutral and shoulders over the bar

Full extension at the top, shoulder back, abs tight and butt tight



                                 The Perfect Squat