ROD 121611


Friday, 16Dec11

With all the Christmas parties and all the festive gatherings these past weeks have left us with not only constipation but weight gain in the worse way. Remember it’s a fact that Americans gain the most weight between Halloween and New Years….OUCH!! So we will keep our ROD’s medium volume with high reps in a timed set.

It’s time to get up and kick some ass. This is not for the squemish. This class get’s up early and is put through a rigorous set of exercises that’ll make an onion cry. So c’mon set your alarm early & get some with Coach Juan, in this intense boxing and conditioning session.


The 10 am kick-ass class will conduct business as always, Killin’ & Feelin’ some of the best routines.

Festive Friday 

Four rounds for time of:
7  Tricep dips on the box
14  Jumping pull-ups
21  Heavy dumbbell thruster