ROD 041212

Thursday, 12Apr12





Mental Toughness

Here is your partner workout for today: 

Pick a partner, workout together, motivate each other, spot each other & Go Heavy!!!!

 DB or KB snatches from the floor

  • 3×6 reps lights weight (alt l/r)
  • 2×4 reps medium weight (alt l/r)
  • 3×2 reps heavy weight (alt l/r)

 Then perform the following movements:

10, 8,6,4,2 reps  

  • Deadlifts (bodyweight)
  • Mixed push-ups (w+25 lbs / m + 45lbs)
  • Mixed grip pull-ups









Are You Ready for Anything ?

 This Super High Intensity Boxing Circuit class is a 1 hour ass kicking class that will leave you in a puddle of sweat.

 Your cardiorespiratory and muscle strength will benefit from our motivational, challenging and fun circuit training set to energetic music.

 Push your self & let’s see what you’ve got!!!!