ROD 042512


Wednesday, 25Apr12


Witty Wednesday

We’re doing 6 rounds of 30 seconds work/ 20 seconds rest non-stop.

  • MB Dynamic Squat & push
  • KB Bent over Rows
  • Burpees
  • Cuban Presses
This is it High Rockers, your last official workout from us to you. Let’s make it count.

High Rock /Flex/Mobility Training

45 Max effort and 15 seconds rest. 2 rounds of the following 8 exercises: No Rest

  1. Low Jumping Jacks
  2. Plank Climbers (alternating lead arm)
  3. Single-arm overhead deep squat (right)
  4. Single-arm overhead deep squat  (left)
  5. Groiners
  6. Diamond leg sit-ups
  7. Push-ups
  8. Plank (straight arm) to diagonal knee tucks to elbows

1 minute rest & then:

2 rounds of 8 cycles of 20 seconds MAX effort and 10 seconds rest of the following:

  1. Dynamic Squats x 2 sets
  2. Mountain Climbers x 2 sets
  3. Evil Jumps x 2 sets
  4. Burpees x 2 set


What not to say to your athlete in Training

 Another important issue has come to surface on the training floor. Our goal here at NXT LEVEL is to create a positive enviorment that promotes physical learning skills as well as team spirit. The trainers have observed some disturbing comments and actions from parents watching their child training. We want to remind parents that the childs time on the training floor is THEIR time. As much as you want to them grow into successful athletes, there are times when we tend to say things that may be derogatory or negative. The trainers at NLP are professionals and we need everyones cooperation in order to properly educate the athlete in a positive environment. We request that all parents either wait for your their child in the car or drop them off and return when class is over. This will give your child an even playing field with the other children whose parents are not there. Remember you entrusted your childs strength & conditioning needs to us and we appreciate your confidence, but you must also trust us with empowering your child in the most positive environment so that he/ she can be able to develop into their fullest potential.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation in this very important matter.

Here are some helpful tips on what not to say to your growing athlete.

Following are things parents should observe that will help them to know if they are putting excessive pressure on their kids.

1. Kids get mad every time you say something about their training.

2. Kids will not practice with parent or always leaves training mad at their parent.

3. Kids are constantly looking to parent when they do something good or bad on the training floor.

4. Kids seem to perform better when parent is not at a training session.

Additionally, some parental statements seem pretty innocuous on the surface but eventually they create tension and resentment. At the very least, these statements and questions can take the fun out of play for kids. (Listed from bad to worse)

1. Why did you do that?

2. What were you thinking out there?

3. Why didn’t you do what I told you to do?

4. When I was your age, I could that better than you already

5. You have to train harder more

6. Look at me when I talk to you

7. I thought you wanted to train to get stronger

8. That was embarrassing

9. You will never get anywhere training like that

10. Do what I tell you and not what your coach tells you to do < (we don’t like this one either)

11. I am not paying for you to train, if that is how you are going to perform

12. Forget it; I am not going to your games if you don’t start training harder

Thanks form the NLP Staff