ROD 050712


Monday, 07May12


Mundane Monday

Another weekend has hurried by and it feels that we’ve only enjoyed just a glimpse of it.  Well to start off the week strong, here is a workout that will challenge your fitness abilities. This timed set is the ultimate in High Intensity Interval Training. For us, the couplets have always presented a challenge, but now we are performing couplets Tabata style. So today we will attack this combination of Tabata couplets

20 seconds work/10 seconds recovery for 6 rounds staying at each couplet! Take one minute rest between couplets.

  1. Reclines/Half Burpees
  2. Dynamax Overhead Wall Toss Sit-ups/Alternating Rotating Toss
  3. Dumbbell Thrusters/Sit-outs
  4. Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls/Mtn. Climbers


Athlete ROD

This is a 20 second work /10 second recovery for 6 rounds at each station

  • Single Arm TRX Reclines (switch arm at each round)
  • Lateral Hops
  • DB Side Staggered Stance Snatches
  • Dynamax Slam and O/H toss
  • Push-ups


Results of yesterday’s Mudmanx 

Go Maria!!

Individual F30 – 34

Bib Name Team Age Gen ChipTimeAG OA FO
571 Lozovskaya, Maria Next Level Performance 30 F 0:56:50.2 1 2 29
netStrt ( — ) run ( 0:56:50.2 )


Courtney Nash ran the Long Branch Half and course PR….1:58:18. Congratulations