ROD 050812


Tuesday, 08May12


 @ 7:00pm

Are You Ready for Anything ?

Our Super High Intensity Boxing Circuit class is a 1 hour ass kicking class that will leave you in a fatigued state of mind & body.

Your cardiorespiratory and muscular endurance will benefit from our motivational, challenging but fun circuit training which is always set to energetic music.

We will push you to see what you’ve got!!!!


 @ 8:00pm

ROD X-Treme

10 Rounds at each station

15 seconds work/ 15 seconds rest

Station 1

  • Burpee Pull-ups
  • BB Thrusters

1 1/2 minute rest… then

Station 2

  • KB Heavy Swings
  • NLP Push-ups
NLP Tip: Use the jump off the burpee to pull immediately into the pull-up, try to put a significant bend in the elbow then immediately go back to the burpee. Don’t waste too much time trying to pull-up.


Athlete ROD @6:00pm

This is a 20 second work /10 second recovery for 6 rounds at each station

  • Single Arm TRX Reclines (switch arm at each round)
  • Lateral Hops
  • DB Side Staggered Stance Snatches
  • Dynamax Slam and O/H toss
  • Push-ups