ROD 092412


Monday, 24Sept12


Start-Off Monday

This is Tabata your ass off week with a kick-ass 20 seconds work and 10 second recovery. Stay on the same exercise for 8 rounds, 1 minute rest and so on…

  • Pull-ups (w or w/o assisted bands)
  • Prisoner Jump Squats
  • Spider-man Push-ups (9 am class will do regular push-ups)
  • Kettlebell Seated Overhead Presses (sit on a box)
  • Resisted Kettlebell Swings (use the 1/2″ bands- 9 am class will do regular swings)

*Make sure the overhead presses are done properly starting with KB’s in the racked position then the head forward of the arms, biceps by the ear at full extension. No ground contact with the Spider-man push-ups. When performing the resisted swings, make sure the form is on point. If not, then a regular swing will be done.


Athlete’s ROD 

Since we went over the 3 basic squat variations, today we will do…

4 rounds for time of :

  • Run to 202 and back
  • 12 Overhead Squats @ 65lbs


Some more CMC Pics & video of obstacle course