ROD 100612


Saturday, 06Oct12


Saturday Oh – Ohhhh!!!!

It was Coach Chris’s Birthday the other day and we know what that means…. It’s Burpee time all 48 of them. After that then we can get down to the day’s business

For time:

  • 115 Barbell Thrusters (85 lb> Barbell men / 50 lb> barbell women). You will have a 20 minute time limit.

This ROD is for form. It is not a race to determine how fast you can do this sloppily with light weight. Take this down to a respectable level in the squat (thighs parallel or below) and a powerful thrust overhead. If you have to rest 10-20 seconds between some reps, then do so. You will have 20 minutes to finish. That’s an average 5 rpm’s (reps per minute) if you pace yourself.