ROD 102812


Sunday, 28Oct12


Rest Day…for some.


For 8-12 year olds. This routine will wake up their Primal Senses.

Start out with the medball warm-up and take through to the hip raises. Take them through the timed varied ab circuit. Then through these stations. 30 seconds work / 15 seconds recovery

  • 8k – 12k Deadlifts
  • Hurdle Step Overs (green hurdles-hands clasped-r leg turn, l leg turn)
  • Battling Ropes (Use only one end of rope for each)
  • Wall Walk-ups (feet on wall- hands on ground, walk up wall)
  • 50-meter run Suicides

Rounds to be determined.

For 13-16 year olds. This routine will enhance their Met-Con.

  • Jumping Pull-ups
  • 16k Deadlifts
  • Half Burpees
  • Ball Slams
  • DB Push Press

Rounds to be determined.