ROD 032113

Thursday, 21March13




Tabata Thursday

4 rounds of 40/20, 1 minute rest between rounds

  • Jumping pull ups
  • Dumbell push presses
  • KB clean/squat (alt r/l each round)
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Rower









This class is for advanced members who have good knowledge of the movements. This is not for your convenience

Team ROD ( 2 or 3)

Each teammate will complete each triplet 3x’s before moving onto the next triplet.  Allow your teammate to get to the third exerise before strating the band sprints. Example: one teammate holds the band, the second teammate performs the band sprints,if there is a  third teammate they  motivate until it’s their turn.

Triplet I

  • 20 second Band Sprint
  • Chin-ups 6-8 reps
  • BB deadlifts – 6-8 reps 

Triplet II 

  • 20 second Band Sprint
  • BB Shoulder Press – 6-8 reps (strict, no leg involvement) 
  • DB Standing Bent Over Lateral Raises – 6-8 reps (slight bend in elbows)

 Triplet III

  • 20 second Band Sprint
  • Weighted (chains) Narrow Push-ups – 6-8 reps (elbows back)
  • Tricep Band Speed Push-Downs – 30 reps (med/large bands- start strict end screwy

* if you get less than 6reps weight is to HEAVY, more than 8 reps weight is to light













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