ROD 071213


Friday, 12Jul13


Get it Done

This is a 40 second work to 20 second recovery for four rounds with a minute of rest in between.

  • Jumping Pull-ups
  • Sit-up to a Wall Toss w/Dynamax ball
  • Sandbag Cleans to Front Squats
  • TRX Push-ups
  • DB Push Press


There is a reason why we push you to your limits…

Enrica shared Next Level Performance‘s status.

How often do you hear or say, I workout and eat right but I see little to no change!

What’s missing?

I’ll tell you, YOUR MIND

You will NOT experience above average results unless your mind and body are in sync.

You HAVE to want it.

You must want to make gains so badly that you can taste it.

You need to have so much passion for strength, muscle, toughness and performance that you can literally SEE your body changing and getting stronger.


Most people just go through the motions.

They stop when the training gets hard, which is when it REALLY counts.

Why am I posting this? Because I have recently notice people who are convinced they are training HARD. This week I have raised the BAR
I have challenged people to grab HEAVIER weight, move faster and jump HIGHER.

and GUESS what happened?

People lifted HEAVIER, jumped HIGHER and moved FASTER.

I wouldn’t lie, all of these people have made STRIDES in their BODY composition.

But once you get comfortable CHANGE stops happening and you go into maintenance mode and back to just going through the motions and back to where you started.

YOU are either IN or out, NO in between.

It doesn’t matter how much WE push you or often WE get in your face. If your MIND isn’t right it doesn’t matter.

YOU can go to the GYM next door or across the Island.


Those who “get it” are loving what I’m saying right now, those of you calling me an ASS don’t get it !

Juan Becerra

Her response to the post was…
“All thanks to Juan, this week I did 45lb goblet squats, 25 lb snatches, and 20 lb thrusters, and used the 20k KB for the first time. I love my nlp for pushing me way past my comfort zone and believing in me when i doubted myself.”
What’s stopping you from going past your personal threshold. You should be always going for your personal best everyday. NLP