ROD 082713

Tuesday, 27August13

6:30 & 8:30pm

New Xtreme





Perform each of the following exercises for 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest for 8 rds then move to the next exercise. 1 min rest between rounds

  • Sleds (50m forward/50m backward)
  • HEAVY KB swings
  •  Atlas Stones Power Cleans
  • Weighted sit-ups
  • Back squats
  • Power Ropes















THE KETTLEBELL SWING – Here are some general rules you want to be aware of:

But First Watch this video of Kelly and you’ll understand:

  • A proper set up (sort of like a center hiking a football) is with high hips, a solid arch, and the kettlebell is placed out in front to allow for proper “hiking” of the first rep.
  • The feet stay planted firmly on the ground – there’s no rising onto the toes.
  • The movement’s emphasis isn’t on sinking down into a squat, but rather on hinging around the hips. There’s a considerable range of motion around the hip joint with the torso position nearly parallel to the ground at the bottom range of motion.
  • On the way down, the lifter shifts his weight forward a bit and the knees bend and travel forward slightly. On the way up, an explosive hip action and a strong gluteal contraction raises the kettlbell upwards and the lifter shifts his weight backward a bit.
  • While the kettlebell is near the body, it stays close to the “privates”and never sinks below the knees.
  •  A neutral spine position is maintained at the bottom of the motion and very slight posterior pelvic tilt at the top.
  • The posterior pelvic tilt and glute contraction is maintained while the kettlebell travels upward and away from the body and is held until the kettlebell drops back down and returns near the body.
  • There’s no excessive contribution from the arms; for the most part the hips drive the kettlebell to its peak height, which is around shoulder-level.
  • A neutral neck position is maintained throughout the movement.
  • The goal isn’t to learn how to use momentum and conserve energy – it’s easy to figure out how to “cheat” during the swing. Rather, the goal is to achieve a maximal glute contraction to drive the kettlebell forward and upward explosively while adhering to excellent technical form.