ROD 010314


Friday, 03Jan14


**** NLP is closed today because of the inclement weather. Stay tuned for any further updates on Facebook Page. This ROD will be moved to Monday’s schedule. 


1aaaPartnership Strengthening1aaaa

For 12 minutes – Partner A performs as Partner B rests. Go as fast as possible when your turn comes. When resting, watch each others forms and encourage one another to keep the intensity up during the performance. All Kettlebell transitions are long cycle. When possible, pair up with someone of equal strength and intensity.

  • 10 Double Swings
  •   8 Double Swing to Cleans
  •   6 Double Swing to Clean & Push Press

Rest 3 minutes…  then perform the following

  • 20 Dynamax Ball Squats (ball at chest height)
  • 16 Dynamax Burpees
  • 12 Dynamax Seated to Jumping Pull-ups (using the pull-up bar proportionate to members height)

On the Dynamax cycle choose a heavy (16# +) for the squats, medium (10# +) for the burpees and lighter (6# +) for the pull-ups. On the dynamax burpees make sure you lower yourself lightly on the ball, do not bounce off on the push-up (that’s cheating).