ROD 030114

Saturday, 01March14


Metabolic Conditioning

Every 2 minute mark for 20 minutes do, move quickly and safely through the movements. The faster you get through, the more rest you’ll get

  • 3 BB Deadlift
  • 5 Lateral Burpees over BB
  • 7 Jump squats
  • 9 v-ups

Rest 1:30 and set up for a…

Mini Metabolic Conditioning:

20/ 10  for 8 rounds (16 cycles), alternating between the following 2 movements.

•KB Swings / Sit-ups


What is Metabolic Conditioning or Met-Con for short?

They are fast paced, high intensity full body workouts completed in a short period of time that will challenge your cardiovascular capacity, put your metabolism into overdrive and rapidly burn fat.