ROD 012215


Thursday, 22Jan15


 Tabata Thursday

This is a 20 work / 20 recovery for 6 rounds with 1:30 minute rest after 3 rounds.

  • Transformer DB Squats
  • SB Rotational Lunges
  • Deadlifts
  • Suicide Reclines
  • AirDyne Sprints
  • Sled Push-offs (North, Dyna Ball chest pass)

*Transformer db squats are performed by doing a front db raise while in transitioning to the squat then pulling the db’s toward the chest and out and then standing with arms at side.
**Sled push-offs are performed by pushing the sled away from you and repeating till the time expires.
***Suicide Reclines are performed with the wide super bands that are spread across the rig tightly and then grabbed and done strictly without any momentum created by the band.