ROD 022315


Monday, 23Mar15


90 Day’s til Summer !!

Spring Burn

This is a 35 second work / 15 second recovery for 5 rounds with a minute in between.

  • DB Squat Jumps
  • DB Walking Lunges
  • Airdyne Sprints
  • Reclines
  • DB Alternating Snatches
  • Dynamax Sit-up – to – High Wall Toss

**DB squat jumps will be performed with db in each hand and will tap on the ground after each jump. Use heavier weight on these jumps and remember to use your knees as shock-absorbers.
** Make sure during the sit-up to high wall toss that your feet are against the wall, either straight or bent knee, with Dynamax overhead. Come up into the sit-up and toss the ball high up on the wall, catch and return to sit-up position with ball tapped on the ground overhead… repeat.