HIIT 022116

Sunday, 21Feb16

3 rounds of DB

Overhead Chops
Jack Presses
Iso-Shoulder Run
Downward/Upward Dog
Single Arm Crab Press (r)
Single Arm Crab Press (l)
Get-up Sit-up
Hollow outs


It Takes Two! (The Real Deal)

Ladder down with each couplet, rest 2 min between couplets.

Couplet #1

  • Head to Head Bear Crawls
  • Buddy Push ups

Bear crawl 10 yards, do 10 push ups

Bear crawl 10 yards, do 9 push ups

Bear crawl 10 yards, do 8 push ups…..

Couplet #2

  • High Pulls 10-1
  • Push Press 10-1

Couplet #3

  • Sprints
  • Air squats

Sprint to 100m marker do 20 Air squats

Sprint to 200m market do 18 Aircsquats

309m marker do 16 Air squats, 400m marker do 14 Air Squats, 500m marker do 12 air squats, 600m marker do 10 Air squats…. Then reverse it.



100 Sit/ups