HIIT 102116

Friday, 21Oct16

Warm-up: 2rds

Full-Medball warm-up


Core: 3 Rounds

30 Second Hollow Rock Hold

20 V-ups Muffin Toppers (10 each side)



Do the following couplets 25 seconds work/25 seconds work/25 seconds rest x 6 rds.

  • Battle Rope / Squat Jumps on Stepper.  * stepper/2 risers on each side
  • Mt.Climbers / Deadlifts
  • Rapid medball slams / Push-ups
  • Medball Chestpass / Push Press

Do 25 seconds of work at each movement in each couplet, take 25 seconds rest then move to the next couplet.

Complete all four couplets

Take 1 minute rest between. Do 6 rounds