ROD 020210


Tuesday, 02Feb10

Hop, Slam, Jump, Run, Repeat!


5 rounds of 30 seconds work/15 seconds rest

  • Mountain climbers
  • In and outs
  • Med ball Russian twist
  • Jump rope
  • Slamball
  • 10 yard shuttle run

We took a minute rest between rounds 


10 Tips to be a better member at Nxt Level Performance

1. Better rest and recovery- When you are physically and mentally recovered you can hit your workouts even harder and see better results. Lack of sleep, stress from work, poor nutrition and/or not enough fun time you will be limited to your performance output and normal everyday activities.

2. Diet- Eating the proper foods (paleo) and proper quantities (not too much or too little) will give you optimal energy for your best workouts and help you reach your weight goals.

3. More stretching- Work on your flexibility everyday. Movements are easier to learn, injuries will be a rarity and your body moves more efficiently when you have great flexibility.

4. True goal setting- If I ask you what is your goal for doing High Intensity Interval Training, many people would say to lose weight. I would then ask, “Why?” You might say to feel better or gain confidence. Cool. What is your true goal then- to lose weight or feel better? People get too caught up in the frame of mind that they will only feel better when they lose a certain amount of weight. Realize that you can start feeling confident about yourself instantly. You should feel good when you hit a new personal best on a lift or when you increase your push-ups. Enjoy more of the daily victories and before you know it the weight will be gone.

5. Injury maintenance- Do not let an injury stop you. Train around it. By training you will heal faster. Take care of your injuries no matter how minor they may seem. Use ice, rest, compression and proper stretching recover as fast as possible.

6. Focus on weaknesses- We love to do what we are good at but we will get more bang for our buck by working on our weaker points. Step out of your comfort zone.

7. Technique over result- We all do it. We want a faster time or better score. To get that we might cut a ROM down or lose proper technique. One that is not safe and two, we are only cheating ourselves. Focus on what will improve you the most- proper technique.

8.  Push someone else in class- By encouraging others to bring their best they will do the same for you. With our community anything is possible.

9. Intensity equals results- Intensity will be the factor to improvement. We need to push ourselves to our physical and mental limits so we can break through and reach new heights.

10. Refer a friend- By having a friend train with you, it will help you stay on track, give you an extra push, create a great community and even save on gas.