ROD 022510


Thursday, 25Feb10


Weather Forecast for today is… SNOW!!


There will be no classes today because of the forecasted heading in our direction and will stay with us for a major part of the day. In any case though, you can still workout at home.


Tabata Boxing          

  • jumping jacks
  • sit ups
  • push ups
  • burpees
  • KB 1 arm rows 5r/5l
  • mtn. climbers
  • db push presses

 We’ll be timing this as a 1 min work 25 sec rest in between bags. The last 30 seconds of each exercise, the bag punchers, and only the bag punchers, will do a movement called out by the trainer.


What is our program all about?

            I get asked all the time, “What is your program like and can I do it”, my answer is a “Big Yes”. Our program is designed so that even a beginner can feel capable of joining in and working out with a more experienced member and still get the benefits of a tough workout. Nxt Level workouts are definitely NOT boring. In fact, no workout is ever the same . Our workouts are unpredictable, engaging and most importantly results-oriented. So, it really doesn’t matter if your a beginner, you will still get the same improvement in strength and conditioning, we guarantee it. Through our web site, we inform you each day of your Routine of the Day (ROD’s), going on’s, pictures of members working out having a good time, articles on fitness and just a plethera of information. We are a community-minded facility. We encourage all of our member’s to visit the web site daily. Whether you have had physical therapy or have had a recent pathology, we will make your experience here at Nxt Level Performance a  successful & positive one. 

                Our kid’s program is basically the same model as the adults. We approach their workout routines by performing primal movement patterns such as running, jumping, crawling, climbing, skipping, pushing and pulling. They start their program incorporating basic biomotor skills which, unfortunately have disappeared, thanks to their attention to the tools of the electronic age, which has made it easy for them to sit in front of a screen and get entertained. We enhance all the basic human movements, that incorporate gross motor skills and advance til we get to enhance those fine motor skills that seem to have been lost over time. Once we get our kid’s to move through those basic skills, we then fine tune their movement patterns. Just by incorporating this process, it’s amazing to witness the progression and how their movements are more fluid, faster. They become a more balanced individual, athletic. We get them to set goals and encourage them to reach these targets which transfers over to life’s expectations and allows them to become productive citizens. It’s like what our mission statement says…

 “Our mission is to provide you with the skills & knowledge to set and obtain your goal.  Nxt Level Performance is committed to helping you reach your fitness goals in a motivational, inspirational and non-judgmental atmosphere”.

              Just come in and visit our facility, observe a class, try the class, it’s free for first timers or come in and just ask questions. Take the doubt and fear out of sampling this cutting edge training modality. Burn Fat – Get Stronger. There’s nothing like this on Staten Island… We guarantee it.