ROD 033010


Tuesday, 30Mar10


Tabata Tuesday

20 seconds work/20 seconds work/20 seconds rest x 8


  • Jumping pullups/ Burpees
  • Kettlebell swings/ Tuck jumps
  • Kettlebell high pulls/ Dumbbell thrusters

Do 20 seconds of work at each movement in each couplet, take 20 seconds rest then move to the next couplet.

Complete all three couplets

Take 1 minute rest between. Do 8 rounds.

 Reverse Hyper Machine

The reverse hyper is a device that Louie Simmons, of the infamous Westside Barbell, invented several years ago. This machine targets the glutes, hamstrings, stabilizes the lower back and engages the spinal erectors. The benefit to this exercise is that it isolates the lumbar spine & sacrum allowing for decompression and traction, in that area, that you can’t get anywhere else. Check out the video below on how to use this equipment correctly.