ROD 070910


Friday, 09Jul10


Med Ball Ladder

10 rounds. 10 reps of each in the first, 9 in the second, 8 in the third and so on through one rep of each.

  • Reverse Wall Ball (squat facing away from the wall,approximately3 feet, quickly stand,  jump & toss hard against the wall, just over the mirror, the Dynamax ball overhead – turn and repeat for number of reps)
  • Burpees
  • Slam Ball (same medicine ball)
  • Box Jumps
  • Mt. Climbers


Exercise and temperance can preserve something of our early strength even in old age. -Cicero


Movin Foward

A colleague brought to my attention the other day just how foreign a lot of the information I put out there can be to some people. Well, there’s a revolution in fitness. It’s a revolution born in garages and on blacktops across the country. Basements, car ports, warehouse spaces, living rooms. Anywhere people can twist, jump, throw, lift, pull & otherwise move themselves and other objects through space. It’s a revolution against the “modern” model of fitness and training. It’s a revolution against mirrors, “exer-tainment” & padded ass pampering lay-z boy machines that do half the work for you. It’s against men in the weight room and women in aerobics class. It’s moving away from $10,000 vibrators on the gym floor & tvs on your treadmill. It’s a revolution & return to an older simpler way.

Everything old is new again. A sledge hammer and an old tire. A sandbag. A pair of rings strung from the rafters. A straight bar. Open space. Doesn’t matter who you are just get out there and move.

It can be seen in the grass roots efforts of people like the guys at Sorinex, my fellow blogger Mike at New Jersey CrossFit, at firehouses & police precincts across the country. It can be seen in the already over commercialized Crossfits & infomercial home DVD fitness programs. It is happening in many forms and with many different approaches, but with a single underlying principle message, let’s do some real work!

The contemporary gym model is about to change dramatically. Gym floors cram packed with expensive machines with weights, built in lights, fans, hand sanitizers…it’s all about to go. Take a look back at this gym floor circa 1880 and you get a good look at what’s coming. 

Our Gym provides space for a our members to move, jump, throw, lift and pull.

You’d be surprised just how much fun our workouts can be and how quickly you will see results.