ROD 050611


Friday, 06May11


Freaky Friday

Five rounds for time of:
100 meter run 
15 DB Hang Cleans
10 Push-ups 
   5 Pull-ups


Nutrition and Strength Training 

Don’t put junk fuel into your body!

The place that nutrition plays in improving optimal performance needs to be more clearly understood. Nutrition is the process of absorbing and utilizing nutrients in a manner that will promote optimal physical wellness and support the body and its many functions. Optimal bodily function, especially in those who wish to push their limits, in no way can occur without the daily ingestion of a precise mix of 59 substances. Some of these precise substances you will need a lot of such as oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and sulfar. They are widely available in a variety of foods we eat and in the air we breathe. So, it is safe to say supply is not often a problem. The remaining 54 nutrients we need in medium or smaller amounts. They are less plentiful in the environment and may be deficient (or entirely absent), in our diet. Here is the point to really focus on and never forget. All of these 59 nutrients need to interact with each other with precise synergy in order to produce, maintain and renew your body so it can be optimal. If even one of these nutrients is “off” (missing or deficient), then the function of all the rest are impaired!


So, where do we go from here? Let us recap first. To be optimal:

(A) The nutrients our bodies need have to to be present in adequate amounts or optimal function will be impaired.

(B) The human body can not make the nutrients or can not make enough of them for normal tissue function.

(C)You have to get these needed nutrients from your diet.

You will find that nutrition is a magic bullet that will help you more than ever dreamed to  achieve your athletic and fitness goals. These days, everyone who exercises must take their sports and fitness nutrition seriously.

You see, allowing the proper muscle building foods to dominate your diet can help the body in its efforts to build muscle fast, heal itself, and in some cases, particular foods can strengthen the immune system and lessen the risks of serious illness. It should be your task to carefully consider the latest scientific breakthroughs in muscle building foods and learn how this new knowledge can be applied to your own specific athletic and fitness training programs. 


When you are ready to implement a better sports or fitness nutrition program, don’t expect rapid results. Unlike drugs, nutients do not have rapid effects. No quick fix! The objective of healthier nutrition is to build a better body. Think of it in this manner. If you take a neglected house plant and start feeding and watering it consistantly better, the leaves may perk up a bit from the improved nutrition. But you have to wait on the old leaves to die off and new leaves to grow before you get a really healthy plant. This takes time to do, so do it right. 

When you start feeding the body better muscle building foods, you have to wait on the physiological dynamics of the body to grow new improved cells. For example, A blood cell lasts 60-120 days. In 3-4 months your whole blood supply is completely replaced. In 6 months almost all the proteins in your body die and are replaced, even the DNA of your genes. In 1 year all of your bones and even the enamel of your teeth is replaced, constructed entirely out of the nutrients that you eat. 


Whatever your sport or fitness goals, the information herein will help you achieve true peak performance capabilities. If you really want to do the best for your body, give it the highest quality fuel made from the purest ingredients found in the best muscle building foods and supplements available. This is so essential that anyone who is strength training to build quality muscle, should consider using to make the most of their efforts. Having more knowledge about what muscle building foods should be fueling your athletic and fitness training endeavors is essential. Give your body what it needs and it will pay you back 100 fold with superior performance. The objective  of healthier nutrition is to build a better body – period!

Every meal that you plan is important. But by far the most important meal of the day is…

30-60 MINUTES AFTER YOUR TRAINING SESSION! Get this wrong and …Suffer the Consequences!!You must consume the proper muscle building foods consisting of a precise formulated mixture of fast-absorbing carbohydrates combined with high-concentration proteins. If not –
(1) your performance will suffer the next time you train
(2) you’ll likely lose muscle along the way
(3) you risk destroying your fat-burning metabolism, losing 20% of the gains you otherwise would have made.
The simple fix is to consume a precisely calculated meal immediately after your workout to support your goals – whether it’s burning fat, building muscle, or dramatically improving your athletic performance. Deprive your body of the nutrients it needs and you may as well flush your training efforts down the toilet.



The specific reasons why we need to consume the best muscle building foods and   fill in the gaps with correct supplements, constitutes the basis for an ultimate Sports Nutrition Education program.

They are:

 * To replace substances in sweat loss.

* To build strength and power.

* To build lean tissue (muscle).
* To lose fat.

* To enhance general health and improve functioning of all body processes.

* To relieve pain.

* To stimulate mental concentration.

* To repair injuries and traumatized tissue.

* To speed recovery between workouts