ROD 100311


Monday, 03Oct11


Lazy Monday Wake-up

Bodyweight/Flex/Mobility Training

This ROD is frequently requested by many of the members. They found it not only challenging but helped them in gaining mobility and flexibility. This is a classic NLP routine.

45 MAX effort and 15 seconds rest. 2 rounds of the following 8 exercises: No Rest

  1. Low Jumping Jacks
  2. Plank Climbers (alternating lead arm)
  3. Single-arm overhead deep squat (right)
  4. Single-arm overhead deep squat (left)
  5. Close grip Burpee into sumo stance jump
  6. Diamond leg sit-ups
  7. Push-ups
  8. Plank (straight arm) to diagonal knee tucks to elbows

1 minute rest & then:

2 rounds of 8 cycles of 20 seconds MAX effort and 10 seconds rest of the following:

  1. Dynamic Squats x 2 sets
  2. Mountain Climbers x 2 sets
  3. Evil Jumps x 2 sets
  4. Burpees x 2 set

Today we will be integrating a new movement pattern into the warmup. The single leg RDL (romanian deadlift). We believe it’s a very important exercise for many reasons. First of all, a couple of studies have shown that sensorimotor training led to improved locomotive power production. We believe that the single leg RDL can be placed in the warm-up every single day, where you can mix it up, for example employing a reaching single leg RDL with a medball, which is the method we will be doing to introduce it to you.


Athlete ROW


  • Medball chops
  • MB Squat & push
  • MB Push-ups (both hands on ball)
  • MB Lunge series (foward-side-rear)
  • 30 sec Single leg Thrusts R/L
  • Prone Hip Lifts (Dbl then Single leg)
  • Quadraped fire hydrants/foward circles (10 reps)
  • 30 rep Wide Outs
  • Bounding
  • Bear Crawls


This ROD is most effective when done nonstop & together.

  • 80 Mountain Climbers.
  • 25 Jump Squats w/bodybar
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 25 Sit-ups
  • 15 Burpees
  • 15 Ball Slams
  • High Knees for 1 minute
  • 30 Kettlebell swings…. Repeat sequence as needed

During the kettlebell swing we will be using the technique where we will begin swinging the kettlebell from the start position each and every subsequent swing thereafter.