ROD 080812


Wednesday, 08Aug12



This is a 30 second work / 20 second rest for 6 rounds non-stop.

  • Reclines
  • Ball Slams
  • Elevated Planks (feet on steppers with 4 risers)
  • DB Alternating Split Jerks (explained below)
  • Plank Climbers

Dumbbell Split Jerk

Using the same movement pattern as the push press (but with more speed and quickness) drop to a jump position.

Quickly extend the hips and throw the dumbbells from the shoulders to a fully extended position overhead in one explosive effort.

As the dumbbells are being extended, simultaneously split the feet front to back in what can be thought of as a high lunge position. In the catch position the front knee will be slightly bent, and the knee of the rear leg will be unlocked.

While keeping the arms fully extended, recover the legs from the split position by taking a half step up and a half step back until the feet are squared up in a shoulder-width stance.

Once the feet are squared up, lower the dumbbells back to the shoulders. The movement can be performed one arm at a time or with alternating arms.