ROD 022813


Thursday, 28Feb13


6:30pm HIIT / 8:30pm HIIT-X

Conditioning & Strengthening Ladder

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 reps

  • KB Swings (dbl kettlebell swings)
  • Slam Ball (alternating lunge slams)
  • KB Deadlifts (dbl kettlebell dead-dip-n-switch)
  • KB Goblet Squat (dbl kettlebell front squat)
  • Jump Rope 100,90,80,70…..Revolutions (dbl under attempts)
  • Burpees (bumper plate Burpees)

Get through as fast as possible, using heavy weights and the NLP Honor System!

The NLP Honor System means, granting freedom from customary surveillance (you are on your own) with the understanding that those who are so freed will be bound by their honor to observe regulations (e.g. perform the ROD to it’s exact programing), and will therefore not abuse the trust placed in them.

The negatives for breaking the NLP Honor System may include community shame, loss of status, loss of a personal sense of integrity and pride or in extreme situations, banishment from NLP’s community.













When other “cardio boxing” classes get boring after a couple months, our Boxing class stays stimulating and demanding both mentally and physically!