ROD 072713


Saturday, 27July13


Metcon – For time:


Run 400m / 50 KB Goblet Squats

Run 200m / 40 sit-ups

Run 200m / 30 Body Builders (row right, push-up, row left, push-up

Run 400m/ 20 burpees


Body Builders– improve strength and cardiovascular endurance

Begin the exercise in a standing position with dumbbellsat your sides. Begin by squatting down and placing the dumbbells on the ground, jump your feet back so you end up in a push up position with your shoulders directly over the dumbbells and your wrists straight and feet slightly wider than your shoulders. From this position perform a push-up, then row with your non-dominant side by pulling the dumbbell toward your chest , perform another push-up and then  row with the dominate side.  Continue by jumping your feet between the dumbells landing  in a squat position with your feet hip width apart, bringing the dumbbells to your shoulders and explosively pressing the dumbells above your head.

Do brace your core- A great deal of core contraction is required to execute this exercise properly. Always focus on good form and maintaining a rigded push-up position as you row.

Do Not rock your hips from side to side as you row the dumbells to your chest.

Modification(s) if you CAN NOT jump your feet back, step them back. If you CAN NOT Jump your feet forward between the dumbells step them forward. If you CAN NOT perform a push-up lower your knees to the ground after you row and perform the push up.