ROD 031114

Tuesday, 11March14


Ladder Up & Down

Get through these ladders as fast as possible!

Ladder Up – Keep going up the ladder to 10 reps as fast as you can!

  •  1 BB /DB hang squat Clean
  • 1 Burpee
  • 2 BB/DB hang squat Clean
  • 2 Burpee

Rest 2 minutes……. then

Ladder Down- Keep going down to 1 rep as fast as you can!

  • 10 BB/DB Push Press
  • 10 Box Jumps
  • 9BB/DB Push Press
  • 9 Box jumps

Post if you used BB or DB and lbs used each movement for each ladder to comments!

example: Donald BB – Hang squat clean  85lbs – PP 115lbs


Kelly Nola

Our own Kelly Nola free throw caps miraculous comeback as Port Richmond earns spot in PSAL A final 

Kelly Nola couldn’t help saying the same thing to herself over and over.

And who could blame her?

“Stay calm … stay calm,” said Nola, Port Richmond’s leading scorer, about being on the verge of living what most just dream about.  Read on…