ROD 111014


Monday, 10Nov14


 Super Nova 

This is a circuit style ROD. This is a 30 second work / 15 second recovery for 6 solid rounds with a 1 minute rest every 2 rounds. Use challenging weights when performing these movements

  1. Un-leveled Assisted Single leg Squat (bb load 65 W / 85 M)
  2. Double DB High Swing
  3. See Saw KB Overhead Presses
  4. Deep Reclines
  5. Half Kneeling Band Chops (thin band)
  6. Dynamax Alternating Front Facing Wall Rotary Toss

* Movement 1: place 2 45 # plates stacked on ground. With a loaded barbell place the working leg on the plates while the non-working leg is on the ground. The non-working leg is just there for balance and stability control. Squat single leg, placing 85-90% of the weight on the working leg.
**Movement 2: is performed with db’s at sides. Begin to swing the db’s as you would a kb outside the legs. Swing the db’s above head level.
*** Movement 5: Place band on pull-up bar. Half kneel with leg closest to the rig at 90 degrees. Grab band with both hands (pronated grip) at challenging level and pull down across the body keeping the upper body tall and rigid.