ROD 022211



If you signed up for the HRC let us know…… post names and team name.


Tuesday, 22Feb11

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Tabata Tuesday

40 sec of work/20 sec of rest for 4 rounds non-stop w/40 sec rest between rds.
  • Band Jacks 
  • Stationary Sandbag alt. lunges
  • Single Arm DB Floor to overhead press (5r / 5l)
  • KB Swings Alt Arms
  • Push-ups 
  • MB from chest to V-ups alt legs (5r /5l)


New York Super Spartan: Mark your calendars for this event

         SUPER SPARTAN: Dominate in the SUPER SPARTAN and qualify for the Death Race!

Registration Fees – Super Spartan Fee Schedule

Individual 4-Person 10-Person Until
$75.00 $280.00 $650.00 June 24th
$95.00 $360.00 $850.00 July 24th
$105.00 $400.00 $950.00 September 10th
$115.00 $440.00 $1050.00 September 21st (registration closes)

Armed Forces/Students get a flat rate of $65 Individual and 4-Person Group Discount of $240

Location InformationWolfe’s Pond Park – START TIME 9:00 a.m.

Hylan Blvd and Cornelia Avenue (Between Seguine Avenue and Luten Avenue)

Staten Island, NY 10308


Race Directors Notes:Message from Nick

When scouting for a venue in the New York area, my local ambassador in the area said you have to check out Wolfe’s Pond…so I did. I have been putting on events for 15+ years and racing for over 20 years and have never seen the obstacle that is waiting for all those Spartans brave enough to enter as I have seen at this venue. Very unique venue located on Staten Island with skyline views of the city, beaches, sand, wooded single track…need I say more? This Super Spartan venue will bring athletes through the main event site area twice before the finish of this 8 mile course. This will give those family members and friends that want to come out and watch plenty of times to watch those Spartans challenging themselves against what mother nature has created and what we at Spartan Race have creative.

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