ROD 021413


Thursday, 14Feb13


Valentine Victim

6:30 & 7:30pm

REMINDER – If you attend the 7:30pm  X-TREME you will be expected to comply with the weight requirements described below.







Tabata Love Baby!!!


Perform a total 69 reps of each exercise between left and right sides for time. Rest when needed. Throw that extra rep in on the weak side.

  • KB Single Arm Rows  HX 16kg/ 24kg
  • KB Single Arm OH Squats   HX 16kg/20kg
  • DB Single Arm Get-up Sit-ups  HX 20/30lbs
  • DB Single Arm Chest Press  HX 35/50lbs
  • KB Single Leg Deadlifts  HX 20kg/24kg













When other “cardio boxing” classes get boring after a couple months, our Boxing class stays stimulating and demanding both mentally and physically!