ROD 062514


Wednesday, 25Jun14


Now that you got some relief from the debacle ROD let’s kick some butt today…

Terrified Triplets

Perform each movement in each triplet for 20 seconds non-stop for three rounds. Complete one triplet, rest for 1 minute.

Triplet #1

  • Kettlebell Clean & Press R (from floor)
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Kettlebell Clean & Press L (from floor)

Triplet #2

  • Dumbbell Snatch R (from hang)
  • Kettlebell High Pulls
  • Dumbbell Snatch L (from hang)

Triplet #3

  • Dumbbell Crab Reaches R
  • Plank Climbers
  • Dumbbell Crab Reaches L

Repeat all 3 triplets.

*Dumbbell Crab Reaches – Seated on the ground with 1 arm behind, hold the dumbbell with the free arm against the obliques with palm facing you. As you lift off and reach, turn dumbbell to neutral position.