ROD 101312

Saturday, 13Oct12


Crazy Saturday (Caution)

Four rounds of: 30/10 with 40 seconds of rest between rounds, then four more rounds of: 2 0/10 with 1minute rest every two rounds

  • Box jumps (24″)
  • NLP Push ups
  • KB alternating S/A swings (w& m/16kg >)
  • Slam Ball (w & m /20lbs >)
  • Battle ropes
  • KB SDHP  (w & m 16kg >)
  • Diamond sit-ups


As posted on 030311 by Becerra

This message still applies today.

Yesterday’s workout was tough ONLY if you went heavy with good form. In the 5:30am class everyone went heavier than normal and maintained strict form, including myself. If you normally use 15lbs grab 20lbs, 30lbs grab 35lbs. How often do you hear Donald, Chris and I yell out PUSH YOUR SELF. The times recorded for everyone in the class reflected the use of heavy DB’s and performing clapping push-ups. No one completed the workout in less than 16 minutes. Unlike a later class where the workouts were timed at 9 mins average. Why? Because you didn’t PUSH YOUR SELF

PUSH YOUR SELF and maintaining good form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone can complete the ROD’s quickly with poor limp form. If you get through each set of thrusters, clapping pushups and v-situps or whatever the ROD may be without stopping, you aren’t…. you guessed it!! PUSHING YOUR SELF and you wimped out. This is not a race, this is a measure personal results or PR, of what you can do while maintaining proper form, so you can come back later to the same workout and get a better time knowing you maintained that same good form. Integrity of all the movements: Squats, Deadlifts, Thrusters, Push-ups etc. Don’t do it so that another member can pat you on the back and say, “WOW man your incredible”. Your incredible when you can get faster with good form. Our program produces results but ONLY if you PUSH YOUR SELF and MAINTAIN GOOD FORM while performing the ROD as it is designed, not to mention “INJURY FREE”. So please change your attitude and meet the ROD head on maintaining good form. It’s for your own good. That change in attitude will produce better results just as fast. As Donald always say’s…,

“Practice doesn’t make Perfect, Perfect Practice makes Perfect”.